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Hi Beth-you and your crew are wonderful! This has been an amazing experience for us. We have learned a lot about what we need to do to keep our part of the forest more safe. We are so thankful for the wonderful deal you gave us!! I would be happy to post a sign for you if you would like-for the remainder of the summer. Our property looks like a park! I really am looking forward to making the paths you talked about. We might need some wood chips in the future!! I am so sorry that your mom and dad are both entering into this last phase of their lives. What a wonderful and loving daughter you have been and how lucky for you and your family that you have had the opportunity to live with your mom these past years. What a blessing for you and for her!!! Thank you again, Beth. We are super pleased. We created a fancy homemade envelope...just for you!!

Ken and Nori

Hi Beth,

I am writing this letter to thank your company for protecting my Homeowner's Association. In the fall of 2010 we discussed trimming some trees to rid them of mistletoe, a disease that if allowed to spread would eventually kill most of the pine trees in our Association. Trimming was not an option on some trees, as they were far to damaged to save. Since these trees were also within the defensible space of 3 homes, you suggested those 3 homes get a defensible space survey and have the work done immediately so the work would qualify for a refund from a state grant. Your company did the work and helped the homeowners fill out all the paperwork for the refund. The homeowners received $2900.00 rebate, which covered almost 40% of the work done. All the trees that we trimmed have since recovered and are very healthy.

While the above was enough reason to thank your company, there is another event which calls for celebration, In April of 2012, one of the homes that your company did the defensible space for caught on fire. That home was completely destroyed as the fire started on the deck and spread to the house so quickly before the fire department could arrive. The home on the south side of the original fire also received major fire and water damage, and they did not have defensible space done to their property. The home to the north

side of the original received no damage, and it was one of the 3 properties that had defensible space done. A very large tree was cut down between the 2 properties and I am sure this is a major reason for no damage to the property north of the original. If that tree was still standing, it would assuredly caught fire and there is no telling how much damage would have been done in the Association if a fire would have run through the tree tops.

Once again our thanks goes to you and Rockwood Tree Service for having the foresight and experience to help save not only our trees but also our homes.

Thanking you,

          Arnold Sullivan
          President Board of Directors

Low prices, excellent service and now you are sponsoring local charity efforts! I nominate you for small business of the year!
A satisfied customer,

Ron B.
Agate Bay

Beth, Having you stumble on Nancy was the best thing to happen this summer in regards to getting projects accomplished. Thank you! I had my trees trimmed by your crew, a great job was done, and I got a rebate of 50% from the Fire Council, as did Nancy. Nancy's homeowners hired Bushwhackers to trim some association trees. Oh my God! Worse Job I've seen ever, ever!! What "whack jobs" they are!! Thanks for being so professional and doing such a great job. Thanks for being so professional and doing such a great job. Happy Holidays!

John W.
Homewood, CA
Nancy G.
Incline Village, NV
Thank you again; Anne and I are extremely happy with you and Rockwood. You went above and beyond for us. From dealing with TRPA to getting the "view score" you provided outstanding customer service.
If you ever need a refernce, please by all means use me. 
You rock, 
Beth - I want to thank you for the nice work you did on my Kings Beach property. Your creative ideas and approaches to improving the views and making my property compliant with fire codes worked out GREAT! You and your team have been responsive, punctual, reliable and you came through on budget! To top everything off, you took over all the approval, rebate, compliance and other bureaucratic issues to make it really easy for me. AND...your knowledge of trees and plantlife has made the whole experience fun and informative! THANKS!!!!! Rockwood will always be my tree company!
Todd M.
Kings Beach, CA

We had some work completed last week and I want to complement you on the total job. Todd worked for a few hours trimming trees on one day and he did an excellent job. In addition, we had a tree removed by Ralph and Todd on Monday July 11. The tree was removed and ALL clippings and branches were completely removed from the property! We had just cleaned the property for defensible space and we were a little concerned that there would be branches, needles, and pine cones left on the ground. To our surprise, it was completely cleaned and left as we had cleaned it. The trees now look great and healthy. Your knowledge and suggestions helped us in our effort to make our property fire safe.
Thank you to Beth, Todd and Ralph,
We shall recommend Rockwood to everyone that is in need of your service,
Rob & Jane B.
Tahoe City, CA

-----thanks to the knowledge, professionalism and character of Beth Moxley, and her crew at Rockwood Tree Service...We were out of town when our 100 ft. fir tree uprooted due to snow weight and unstable wet ground and was balanced quite precariously by the branches of an adjoining pine, keeping it just momentarily from crashing into our and our neighbors houses….Beth instantly recognized this as an emergency situation and knew exactly what to do…assembling her crew, finding a backhoe operator, driving hours to get the correct length and weight of chain, notifying golf course, sheriff, neighbors and supervising the stabilization, chunking and removal of tree…basically she probably saved our home!
Jim S.
Incline Village, NV

Hello! We here at the NTBA wanted to send a GIANT thank you to all of you that helped us to make the 4th annual Joe King Poker Tournament a success! A big thanks to those out soliciting and collecting prizes, rounding up players, and aiding with the set-up and break down at the event. To those of you selling raffle tickets and buy-ins, great job as well. Sue and Larry, Beth, Linda and Tyler, we couldn’t have done it without you J We hope that you all had a great time, I know we did!
Maria Kiss
Event and Membership Manager
North Tahoe Business Association

I'm writing this letter on behalf of Rockwood Tree Service / Beth Moxley. Beth and her company have done three residential jobs for me. All of the trees removed were not the easiest to take down. This was achieved while maintaining the integrity of the forest and surrounding structures. Attention to detail and cleanup was outstanding. Beth is very knowledgeable with defensible space basics and educates the community on the right process, permits, etc, to get the trees removed. All of this was handled in a very professional manner.
Thank you Beth,
Dennis Maloney
Tahoe City, CA

On behalf of the Woodminster Board and Homeowners we have been asked to express our deepest appreciation for the excellent service your team showed last week. During the tree removal project the workers on-site were very courteous and professional. They always ensured the work areas were cleaned nicely and were conscientious of the needs of the residents. The service your office provided was above reproach. Thank you and we look forward to working with you again in the future.
Thank you!
Paul B. Giles
Incline Village, NV

Rockwood Tree Service was awarded the bid for our Defensible Space Project that included removal of 98 large trees, limbing around all the structures, brush removal and clean up that lasted approximately a month.

We were very pleased with the service. Not only was Beth Moxley and the crew professional, courteous, thorough and accommodating, but her knowledge as an arborist as well as her customer service skills in dealing with the tenants and their guests was beyond reproach.

The work was impeccable, safe, expertly scheduled and managed and we couldn't be happier with the end results.
Ron Rogowsky
Incline Village, NV

My husband and I were so very pleased with the work you recently completed for us. The cutting, trimming, splitting and clean up was completed in the time we agreed upon and there were no surprises on the price. Your communication was excellent. What we got was exactly what we talked about. Thanks also for your professional advice on what and how this work should be done and on future landscape tips. We will surely contact your company in the future and recommend your services to future clients. Oh, I might add that the men who worked for you were very courteous and respectful, particularly the "head" guy whose name escapes me.
Sidne Long

I wanted to thank you for the excellent work you did for all of our defensible space needs. The tree removal was incredible and the clean up and brush cleaning made such a wonderful difference in our property. You managed the whole process very professionally. your crews were always polite, hard-working and cooperative. We think you have a great business and would be happy to recommend you to anyone.
Jill Brandon
Incline Village, NV

It has been a pleasure to do business with you and your company, Rockwood. Your advice, planning and execution of the tree removal job were outstanding; it was on time and within our budget. This is just fabulous in these tough economic times. We also want to express appreciation to your crew; they are so competent, efficient and thoughtful as well.

We will always recommend Rockwood to our friends and neighbors.
Barbara and Steve Matthews

Beth Moxley, of Rockwood, Inc. has volunteered her time and services for many years in the Kings Beach and North Lake Tahoe community. She has provided staff labor time and numerous contributions to community events such as the North Lake Tahoe Community Clean Up Day, the Holiday Fair and Tree Lighting and many more. She also takes great pride in the community and helps with beautification programs by hanging decorative street banners whenever needed.

Beth is a true asset to the community. She is always cheerful and willing to assist with any task. I highly recommend that Beth be considered for volunteer of the year.
Cheri Sprenger
Kings Beach, CA

Beth Moxley of Rockwood Tree has been doing obvious community service for at least the past three years that I have lived in the area.

She has contributed trucks and staff time to the annual Kings Beach Community Clean Up. She saved our Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony by offering her time and equipment to install outdoor lights on our Conference Center trees even though the lights were received by the District at a very late date. And, when it appeared that leaving the lights on the trees was damaging the trees, she made sure that the lights were removed so they could be stored until next year. She then noticed the trees were stressed from lack of attention over the years and did some injections to help boost their vitality.

All of these services were performed without charge for the District because of her community spirit and her will to see things bettered. And, all were done with a smile and with no hesitation about the cost to her business.

If all grant monies were awarded on the basis of good business and community contribution, Beth would certainly be eligible for them all.
Kathy Long
Tahoe Vista, CA

Hi Beth, I decided to write a brief story to let people know how you touched our lives with your generousity and kindness. Debbie and I and our family's can't thank you enough for donating your wood. If there were more people in our world like you, we'd live in an idealic place.

Debbie, Chris, Ryan, Zandra, Travis and Mara

An Unexpected Gift

My friends were in a bad spot, they had run out of wood(their main source of heat)and could not find any heating assistance programs that had any funds left. With their utility bill already months behind and a disconnect notice looming over their heads, they didn't know what they were going to do. My friend and I had called several wood companies and they were either out of wood or to expensive. With hope fading fast I made one last call, to Rockwood Firewood. Rockwood was closed when I called, but their message stated they had loose wood at their shop for $30 a wheel barrel; this news gave me a glimmer of hope.

I called back the next morning to find out how much wood we'd get with 3 wheel barrel loads and was told by Beth Moxley, the owner, close to 1/2 a cord. This was good news, it was enough wood to get them through a month or so and we could afford it if we all chipped in.

As I started asking some general questions about the wood, Beth asked if this was my permanent residence and if wood was my main source of heat. I told her it was and she said that we would be better off buying some rounds she had, because it was harder wood. This is when I explained my friends situation and let her know that we needed to purchase whichever was the most affordable. When Beth heard their story she became very concerned about my friends having run out of wood and not being able to afford enough to get them through the rest of winter. She then asked, if I had a truck and I told her I did, that is when she said we could come over that day and fill up our truck for $50. I was ecstatic, I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I thanked her over and over and told her I would call back shortly to set up a time. When I called her back to set up a time, she said she had to leave for a while, but we could still come and take as much wood as we could fit in our truck and that she wasn't going to charge us. I was speechless, not only was she giving us free wood, but she was leaving her lot open for us. I couldn't wait to tell my friend the good news and let her know that because of Beth's kindness everything was going to be ok and she didn't have to worry anymore.

That day Beth not only warmed our home, but our hearts, with her generousity. So, the next time you need firewood, remember this story and call Rockwood, you're business will help them continue helping others.

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